Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Almost back to a normal post

Just one more thing to say about the £20 shopping list -  after posting yesterday I noticed that dried spaghetti had fallen off the list, (Aldi 20p) so I've edited it into the list and then  added in the price and  checked all my adding up and found it came to only £19.11! So there is just enough for another bag of pears. Good news indeedy.

Thank you to everyone who commented and joined in, sorry if it kept folk awake at night thinking of their list!

 Seems the BBC have taken up the challenge too.  I spotted  a trail for a new series of the programme  called - Eat Well For Less, -  the usual thing - people spending a fortune on food, refusing to try value range, chucking out loads of stuff. With Gregg Wallace sorting them out. It's on Thursday 29th BBC1 8pm, a series of 3 .

Back to reality and what we have been up to - well, not a lot  really.
 Col went out yesterday afternoon with our son to look at a car for him. It seemed fine and they bought it cash - fairly cheaply, then on the way home it started to play up. Not good news. The body work and under the bonnet looked in much better condition than his old car so hopefully he can get it fixed without too much extra expense.
I've been tidying up paperwork. We had a chest of draws in the spare room full of old stuff that wouldn't fit in the box files. I was amazed to find we had Cols wage slips and some bank statements dating back to the late 1990s! It's all gone in a bag for burning. Apparently the wind should be in the right direction for a bonfire tomorrow. He has been waiting weeks to get a huge heap of rubbish burnt.
Some of the stuff for burning is bits that he's been trimming from around the hedge all round the field. Because everywhere is so wet our path up to the chickens is right along the hedge-line where things are dryer, but when it was windy we were getting poked in the eye by waving brambles. It's much better now. He was also able to move the smaller chicken shed to a dryer area, thanks to a couple of mornings with a good frost.
I've done the usual bread bake and some more cross stitching for cards for Christmas, a few odd bits of cleaning and some shopping list writing ready for February. We have almost come to the end of some very cheap stuff from Approved Foods including bread flour, milk powder and tea. I've been looking on their site but no luck, looks as if  the proper price will have to be paid next month.

Hello and welcome to new followers - Louise and Mobestephenson.

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