Friday, 2 January 2015

On my bike to town

Two things broke on the last day of the year. One was the rubber ring on my Kenwood liquidiser, that left a lot of celery soup on the top of the mixer rather than in the liquidiser jug - a bit messy. The second was the washing line, luckily the washing was dry and quickly rescued. A new rubber ring was ordered off ebay for £2.50 and today I got a new washing line from Leiston hardware shop, it was £5.49 which seemed quite a lot more than last time. I hope it lasts us out.

As we only needed milk and the washing line and a couple of other bits I decided to bike to town, only a 5 mile round trip but further than I'd cycled for several weeks.
 The nice thing about going to Leiston by bike is taking a short cut through a narrow lane that we rarely drive through.

 The village that we now call Knodishall is a mile away from the The Church of St Lawrence and should really be called Coldfair Green. There are only 4 large houses and a Gardeners cottage along this little road which was the original village of Knodishall. Our road of houses is half a mile further from the village and there is also a hamlet of a few houses called Knodishall Green another half mile further away. It's very confusing for visitors to find that Knodishall is spread       over a wide area.

Opposite the largest  house in Church Road - Knodishall Place       ( up for sale a while back at 2.5 Million Pounds!) is this big pond. There are all sorts of stories about maids who drowned themselves or carriages that turned over into the pond with ghosts haunting the lane. I've never seen anything except squirrels along here - thankfully.

My first book of the year is finished, it was one of my Christmas gifts and took me a few evenings to read.

This is the memoir, covering a year or so, of Jane Christmas (Canadian Travel writer now living in London) she wants to find out why she has sometimes felt she should be a nun. She stays in various convents testing and questioning her faith. The reviews on Amazon range from "Boring" to                " Brilliant"  but I enjoyed it. An earlier book by the same author -  The Pelee Project - has now been added to my wishlist.

While I was out, Col was shifting wood from where it's been laying for 2 years in a heap outside into the open fronted cart shed. It will dry off in here ready for cutting when we get to the end of the scrap wood heap.
 This afternoon we got some compost on the row of raspberries in the garden. Another job ticked off the gardening list.

Thanks for the many comments yesterday and welcome to Winters End Rambler and Claire Jessica who have clicked the Google Button and Mrs L Hughes on Bloglovin'.

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