Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wild Wednesday and more bookshelves

The day started fine but windy but by 11 the wind was wild with rain and the temperature dropped away.
I had to nip to Saxmundham first thing for a few bits, and because of the weather it was a driving day rather than a biking day. Col needed to go to a hardware shop so he came too and while it was still fine we went round the charity shops and he found a pair of jeans for £3.50. Coming out of the bank I noticed a sign - New opening times - they are going to be closed all day on Thursdays. Is this the beginning of the end? A small town in Mid Suffolk recently lost their only bank, that must make life difficult for all the businesses in the town. Saxmundham still has 2 banks, most of the other small towns nearby only have one. We shall see what happens.

Now more book shelves photos. Here are the bottom 2 shelves of the first bookcase. Lots of random books here that have been collected over 20+ years. Several are ex-library books and from charity shops, secondhand book sales. Nothing new here. My favourites from these shelves?

 2 books about Arthur Ransome and his Swallows and Amazons books. 
The Helene Hanff omnibus including her well known book - 84 Charing Cross Road. 
 Dear Mr Bigalow - by Frances Woodsford

The bird book and the road map book are falling to pieces and where on earth did the giant London Road Atlas come from? There is another recipe book  here because it's too big for anywhere else, it could go really as I've not looked at it for years, and some of Cols Fred Dibnah and railway books are down there too.

If I had to get rid of some books because we were downsizing it would be several of these from the bottom shelves that would go. Maybe I'll sort through them before we do a car boot sale.

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