Sunday, 11 January 2015

As Simple as the Amish?

You know sometimes when you have to fill in a form or order something and there's a question that asks " Please tick how you heard about our company. Then it will give a list like
From a friend
TV advertising
Newspaper advertising

I always want to say " I haven't a clue, maybe I always knew about you through osmosis or something weird!"

All the above is just to say that I don't know how I first heard about the Amish and Mennonite  people in the States and Canada. Their way of living interests me, not because I want to live exactly as they do - I couldn't do 4 hours sitting at their church Meeting for a start.
But they have less family breakdowns, almost no divorce, their banks don't rip them off and the schools are still small.
I've collected a few books about them over the years and the newest was for Christmas.
  It looks interesting although I notice quite a lot of quoting from the Bible.

I've said dozens of times in the past that I would like to live more simply, to which the answer is "we already live a more simple life than three quarters of the population".
And I suppose we do.
With hopefully no hassles and definitely no faff!

 This is an update of something I wrote at the end of 2013 which we have followed through 2014 and will again during 2015.

 Our Simple Living "Rules"

We will think before we buy things. We will use the internet if it's cheaper. Choose second hand if possible. We won't go shopping just for fun but on the other hand we will visit charity shops and car boot sales on our days out.

We will know the difference between wants and needs.

We will keep an open mind when looking at advertising and new ideas. We can look and read without buying.

We will save towards a holiday and the  wedding of our eldest daughter so that neither causes financial bother

We will take the opportunity to sit out in the sun whenever we can and to enjoy reading and walking.

We won't suddenly feel the need to spend money on hair cuts or things to make us beautiful ( too late for that!)

We will not start keeping up with any Jones's or anyone else.

We will always know what money we have. We will save all that we can on the good days to use on the bad days. We will check bank statements, we will only use the  credit card when necessary and pay off every month. We will make our savings work for us and try not to dip into them unless we really have to.

We will grow and use as much of our own fruit and vegetables as we can, we will eat with the seasons and keep our food simple.  This means that a take away and Christmas food becomes a special treat.

We will have faith in ourselves in being able to manage.

Other than the above I'm not sure how to make things simpler.

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