Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Knocker squashing!! ( Title suggested by Ilona and changed for a dare from John!)

( Edited to explain the above ......My original title said I couldn't think of a catchy title for this post and I said I expect John at Going Gently could come up with something. But Ilona beat him to it and John said I should change my title so I did)

Why? because I had to pop down to Leiston this morning for this

We are so lucky to have them come and park in the Co-op car park, saves the journey to Ipswich hospital. So I have been duly squeezed in all directions and I await the letter in a couple of weeks time. I cannot understand any woman who doesn't take advantage of this. Better to know I reckon.

We had SO much rain overnight and more forecast for on and off all week, the road between Knodishall and Leiston was closed because of a lake across it. So I'm glad I didn't bike down as it was a 2 mile extra detour. Flooding in this spot was a regular occurrence for the first few years that we lived here, then some work was done to remedy it and it was flood free. Suddenly this year it's back to floods again with water running off fields on both sides of the road and down into the dip.

Once the rain stopped the sun was nice and bright for a few hours and the washing soon dried. Col got into his water proof overalls to clean out some of the IBC containers as we had a phone call from our ad in the new Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter with someone coming to collect a couple next weekend. The two we took to Campsea Ash auction-yard also sold yesterday, so another few pounds into the kitty for February.

Another follower in the Google pictures on the right, welcome Mrs Tiggywinkle hope you enjoy my contributions to the blogosphere. She has a lovely photo of Shropshire as her header and a soup recipe which reminds me that the ring seal for my liquidiser arrived today, so I shall be soup making again tomorrow. Col canceled the first order as after 8 days it still hadn't been dispatched, he re-ordered from somewhere else and it got here in 2 days.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday.

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