Monday, 19 January 2015

Can you feed two people well for a week for £20?

 We've had a very quiet day today and I've felt guilty for having my nose in a book  ( Eleanor Graham - The Children who lived in a Barn) and in the laptop for several hours, but once we had shifted some fencing so we can move one lot of chickens tomorrow there wasn't really much to do. Of course I've done all the normal things like sorting out a meal for tonight, chopping a bit of kindling,  hoovering up and collecting and sorting eggs but that was it really.

Anyway, I had some time over the weekend and today to fiddle about on the computer ( My Supermarket comparison website) and thought I would  throw out this idea and see what came back. You don't have to actually do it -just come up with the ideas. I was thinking back to last year when there were some posts about  feeding a family of 4 for £40 a week. There are only 2 of us so I was working out £20 worth of shopping. It was ever so difficult to start from scratch as if there was almost nothing in the cupboard. For instance to have some rice for one meal you have to buy a whole bag full.  And I KNOW there will be some people who already spend less than this - well done! and please share.

These were my guidelines for 2 people for 7 days
  • You have just £20 and you can only visit 2 shops for your shopping and NO yellow ticket reductions.
  •  You have a almost  EMPTY  cupboard except for tea and/or coffee ( depending on what you drink), sugar, salt and pepper, a few stock cubes, a bit of sunflower oil and 2 other sorts of seasonings or flavouring type things of your choice. For instance - in my virtual cupboard are Curry Powder and Mixed Sweet Spices.
  • You have NO garden so no fresh produce from there!
  • There must be 3 'proper' meals each day, at least 1 dessert and some snacks.
  • You can't suddenly become vegetarian if you weren't already and you have to take account of any dietary problems - in my case I can't eat pulses
  • There must be some fresh fruit and veg included.
What do you reckon? Anyone want to write their shopping list and what they would do with what they bought?

I'll come back tomorrow with my list, it ended up being a bit fattening as flour is cheap, several recipes seemed to be pastry based. So I'm looking forward to some better ideas. I think I would maybe re-do it using chicken and fish - Though that might push up the price and leave less for for fresh stuff. And I had no money for cheese which would be disastrous for me!

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A Big welcome to Faye, another new follower in the Google pictures over there on the right. Numbers are going up by leaps and bounds!
While I was fiddling yesterday I came across a blog that I'm looking forward to following. It's called Remembering The Old Ways and I really would like a kitchen like the picture on the header! and she has 8 children!
My only problem is that that I now have so many good blogs to read that I may have no time for housework. Oh well, never mind.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, much appreciated.
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