Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Day of More......

More bike riding,  more wood moving, more knitting and more reading.

That's what I've done today.

The bike riding was to Leiston again to pick up some tablets for Col. Taking several tablets, that have different numbers in the packets, makes ordering (online-thank goodness) and collecting a regular occurrence. Head wind up hill home but I got back without puffing. Good, I must be back to full fitness again.

Wood moving was shifting more dry stuff into the shed for cutting next week.

Knitting was more of a dishcloth

Reading was finishing this
This is a small book of short stories.
I don't usually read short stories, I don't really like short stories, I'm not sure why I got this from the library van. Did someone joining in the Year of Books thing mention it? or did I just spot it on the mobile and borrowed it out of curiosity? I also don't know why I bothered to finish reading as the stories are slightly weird. All in all I have wasted an hour or two of my life!

Col has been number crunching with regard to changing the Jeep to something smaller. He reckons based on the number of miles we do we would save around £1,000 a year. BUT if we spend out on a Berlingo or something similar that's say, 4 years old, without thousands of miles on the clock, it will deplete our savings about £7,000  and  depreciates by...........£1000 a year! We've had the Jeep long enough for us to have got our moneys worth out of it already. OK... Right ... another thing to consider.
Now I must welcome Wean and Lynn over in the Google pictures and Cheryl, Jean and Joanne who have clicked the Bloglovin' button.
Thank you for comments yesterday about the budget. 2 points were raised. First, our land is not suitable for horses as it is too wet in winter and grows to be quite lush in summer and we have no proper fencing and I'm not keen on horses anyway. So doing a livery is definite NO! Plus the idea of running courses, - been there, done that with the Smallholders Society. Too much like hard work!
We will carry on how we are and see what happens. No rush to change plans.

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