Saturday, 10 January 2015

Were they there yesterday?

Every morning I take the eggs out to the stand at the front gate, turn round and follow the path up to the campsite on my way to go to the top of the field. So every morning I pass the cherry tree on my left but I didn't notice the first snowdrops yesterday, can they appear over night?
It was certainly warm enough over night, the thermometer which is on the out side of the kitchen window said 14℃. We think it's a couple of degrees high all the time but even so that's a bit warm for 7.30am on a January morning.
I knew the catkins on my Purple Leafed Hazel (Corylus Purpurea - I think)

  were already showing as I cut a few to bring in the other day along with some bits of  the variegated  shrub  in the picture that's similar to a holly but not prickly and a piece of the Scented Box  ( ?).

The Christmas Rose or Hellebore is in bud too.
With signs of spring all round I decided to get going with some seed sowing so a few pepper, tomato and aubergine seeds have gone into the windowsill propagator and some parsley seeds in a pot near the Rayburn.
Col spent a while clearing some dead stuff from the flower garden out the back, sometime we must sort out the long border out the front of the house.
Then it rained and by golly it rained! The temperature dropped right down and stayed cold in a strong wind, so I've been crafting again this afternoon..

Thank you for comments yesterday. I'll try not to feel guilty doing craft things on a weekday morning!

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