Monday, 31 March 2014


I'm not really interested in them.
Except for the ones on this blog. They are fun to look at.

Do you know each post I write is usually viewed by between 200 and 450 people.

Each day there are over 1000 page views.

Rather weirdly the most viewed page was on the 30th of November and was about the Christmas Decoration that I bought for 50p. It's been viewed 1837 times. Why?

My Simple Living Rules We Will Live By post on December 28th has been viewed 731 times

The least viewed post was way back on June 25th when only 52 people popped in to look.

The blog is looked at by people in 10 different Countries.

People are most interested in blogs about our budget, frugal living and recipes.

Well, that's filled a post for the last day of March without too much effort!

Back tomorrow - Review of the Month Day.
PS welcome to rgnlady, a new follower on Google friends.
Still no sign of small missing cat.


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