Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday thoughts

Oh good, the cats new litter tray is better, hardly any bits on the floor.

Beautiful morning, frosty bits in a few places though.

I shall be glad when we can get rid of the oldest chickens, another broken egg and mucky nestbox.

Do I need anything out of the

Goodness, this compost is cold.  Good,that's two dozen more tomato plants potted up.

Oh Oh Oh... 5 Buzzards circling over the woods they must have hatched 3 eggs last year.

I wonder if people are put off budget plan menus because they always feature porridge for breakfast?

I think I'll write how to feed your family for £40 a week without porridge......and without lentils and without chickpeas too, now I think about it.

Why am I always in a queue behind someone whose card doesn't work easily in the machine thingy? 

She could have saved several pence if she'd bought mixed nuts in a big bag instead of those little snack packs.

and she's bought Philadelphia cheese spread in tiny packs too - must be more expensive that way.

Oh, old Sindy Annuals, I wonder if my friend A. would like those to go with her doll collection?........better not get them, she might not want them, although they won't be there next time I'm in town. What shall I do?

At last it's dry enough to weed the flower garden.

It's really warm.

If I were really frugal I'd be eating this hairy- bitter-cress instead of chucking it in the compost.

Oh yuck, now I know why its called bitter cress.

Flowers on the apricot trees already - too early again.

Everywhere looks so good when the grass is cut.

Only six dozen eggs to go out tomorrow, too many odd shaped ones.

Anything interesting on TV tonight..............No,then I'll just read a book.

Must remember to see which books I need to renew before next week.

Better get this blog finished.

Back Tomorrow.


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