Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Just a quiet day

I've decided it takes to long too type ' Him Outside' so from now on he will be C! and I've had enough of being anonymous so you can call me Yet Another Sue!

I started the days jobs by potting on a few more plants -today it was  the chili peppers, then a whole heap of pots were washed. A good blowy day got a load of washing dry. Quarter of an hour spent clearing the cabbage bed of stalks, other than that I've not done a lot except all the egg jobs of course - there's no avoiding those.

C was over the road working for our neighbour this morning, she's got a long list of work for him which will keep him busy on one or two mornings each week. This afternoon he cleared the last few parsnips from their bed and then managed to persuade the rotovator to start. We bought this second-hand in 1981 and - touch wood - every year, with a bit of tinkering and some WD40 off it goes. C reckons it could be 50 years old! So two beds are ready for planting the onion sets.

I don't think anything else has happened here today
 Were there any exciting announcements in the Budget? I've not heard yet what was said.
I expect it will be the same as always - The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the rest just manage as best as they can.

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