Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Only the sky was blue today.

Thank you x 32 for everyone who cheered me up yesterday. It was lovely to find so many people who like reading about our quiet life here. I have no idea why I was feeling a bit undecided about blogging but its back to normal today.

We needed chicken feed  and had several other places to visit so decided a half day out was called for combined with eating out somewhere as it's Him Outsides 57th and that was all that he could come up with as an idea for a present!

First stop Charnwoods feed mill in Framlingham
While waiting  for the forklift to bring our sacks around I often seem to be sat reading this sign, so as I had my camera I hopped out for a photo. It's always left me  puzzled as to where the racing camels are in Suffolk!

Next stop was the picture framing shop in Haughley . My £3 bargain car boot find - the  water-colour of Kersey - has been left for them to frame and they will find out from Mr Lilley( the artist) if he remembers when he did it. They frame pictures for him before he exhibits or sell them. We agreed that had the painting been sold somewhere in the Mid Suffolk area where he is well known rather than miles away in Lowestoft it may well have sold for more. They had some watercolours of his for sale in the shop for £45 and an oil painting for £220!

Passing a garden centre with a sale sign outside we called into see if they had any cheap main-crop seed potatoes to add to the few we've saved from our own and the small ones from the sack we had to buy in January.

Onto the cemetery in Stowmarket to take a photo. For several months I've been thinking about writing down some of my early memories, things that have gone, like the two room, two teacher, 60 pupil primary school I went to. The photo is going to be a starting point for me to get on with it............Hopefully.

There is a Lidl close to the cemetary so we popped in to have a look. Do you know they do large packets of Dark Chocolate Digestive biscuits for 72p? Him Outside was well pleased, one of his favourites.

Next a quick scoot up the A14 into Ipswich to B & Q where he needed a couple of bits for the new  campsite toilets.

I'd heard that our local St Elizabeth Hospice had opened a big shop on one of the industrial areas in Ipswich so we searched and found it. Lots of books but nothing I wanted, hundreds of CDs and DVDs - too many to look through. Dozens of jigsaw puzzles and games. Not so many clothes but they also have electrical items and furniture. We didn't find anything we wanted although it will be a good place to call into on the way in and out of Ipswich.

Then a fill up with cheap diesel - 4p a litre cheaper than anywhere locally. I'm reliably informed that's a saving of £2 a tankful - and Nectar points.

Onto Pets at Home to find a better litter tray for the cats, they maybe small but they don't half make a blinkin 'mess. Someone had suggested a completely covered one but that was £45!!! So we've gone with a deeper one that has covered edges. I'll be able to have my potting tray back in the shed and hopefully won't need to spend 10 minutes clearing up each morning. I had  hoped we could get them outside soon but daren't let them out until they are friendlier and will come when called.

So what to have to eat for a birthday meal. We plumped for a old favourite - a KFC - very bad! We are so old that we remember the time when a " Kentucky" was the only take away available other than fish and chips!

Then home again to all the smallholding jobs.

I hope you've enjoyed touring around Suffolk with us today!

Back tomorrow

PS welcome to elkhound a new follower on Google friends. Hope you enjoy reading.


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