Thursday, 6 March 2014

Did you miss me?

First we lost all connections to everything Google on both lap tops, then we lost  internet connection altogether.

Him Outside spent an hour and a half on the phone talking to someone in a far away country who knew nothing about computers but translated everything someone in the background said into English to be able to speak to us in the UK!

Eventually they decided it was all due to our original provider- Tiscalli being taken over by Talk Talk about 5 years ago and suddenly it no longer recognised our wifi connection.
Anyway, we are back connected to the world.

Since my last post on Monday, we've had pancake day, 2 more dishcloths have been finished, I've made a lemon cake and a quiche, potted up twenty tomato plants, started reading The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier, shifted about 2 dozen paving slabs from our old patio and had a huge tidy up in the potting shed.

Him Outside has worked at our neighbours twice clearing out a pond and grass cutting and at the second home doing some hedge cutting. He has also had an opticians appointment and had a check with the nurse to make sure the badly cut finger didn't look any worse.

And we ate the first lovely pink rhubarb

Thanks to my friend Mary-in-Bath who I contacted to ask her to put a comment on my blog to say what had happened and welcome to Paid in Chickens a new follower on Google Friends.

Back Tomorrow ( fingers crossed)


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