Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I've been blinkin' tricked by T**** supermarket!

There I was the other day going on about knowing the price of things so you know when something is a bargain or not and today I find Tesco have been tricking me for months.
Mature cheddar is the reason. I've been buying their value range Extra Mature cheddar for several months after the value range Mature got milder - heavens knows how tasteless the mild cheddar must be! Then today on the shelf just above I noticed another type of Extra Mature and shock, horror, the price per Kg was less than the value range. How annoying is that!

Mostly I cook from scratch but like to keep a few easy freezer things in stock just in case and one thing we've found to be OK is  Tescos value range of veggie grill. In a burger bun with some home made sweetcorn relish and some lettuce they are cheap and quick. Except last time I wanted some they didn't have them and no space in their freezers for them either. Today, I noticed they had some reduced to clear - a pack of 4 for 50p - that's half price. So I cleared the lot = 9 packs. They will last us  a year for meals when my mind is a blank.

Walking past Waitrose I stopped to look at all the herbs they had outside and discovered Black Peppermint. I've tried to grow peppermint several times, from seed and from bought plants but it seems to cross pollinate with ordinary spearmint and ends up losing its peppermint taste. This is my last try at producing my own mint tea, then I'm giving up. Anyone know how far away from the spearmint should I plant the peppermint or will it cross pollinate whatever I do.

While I was amusing myself in Saxmundham, C was clearing up all the hedge cuttings and branches at the-second-home-across-the-fields. The owners  will be back for Easter so he wanted to get it done and dusted so they can pay him! He and our elderly friend had a nice bonfire there. Then this afternoon he cleared up some branches over at our neighbours and had yet another bonfire. Men and bonfires seem to go well together. Or is it just him?

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