Monday, 10 March 2014

Why am I blogging

There was a lovely comment on Saturdays blog from Maggie who had popped in to say that she really enjoyed my blog and wanted me to keep up the good work.
That's so lovely to hear as I often think that my blog isn't really living up to it's title and in the land of frugal blogs I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud.
Why do I say that ? Well..................................

I wouldn't be able to teach groups of people how to shop and cook frugally like Frugal Queen
I can't explain how we got out of debt as we've not had any.
I wouldn't want to give any more detail than I already have about our income or our budget or what we buy.
I'm unable to show what reduced price food I've bought and eaten like Ilona at Life after money because I never see any.
I've always been interested in self reliance and living better on less so have taught myself to cook from scratch and manage the household budget and it just seems normal- nothing to "write home" or to blog about!
I wouldn't want to earn anything from blogging and don't want to start a new business and have recently stopped reading a few blogs that just seem to be full of adverts.
We have savings from our 34 years of married life and from an inheritance so that we will never be penny-less.
We bought our house on a 5 acre smallholding when it was run down and tatty 22 years ago, before house prices went crazy and could always downsize to free up a lot of money so it isn't a new life in the country.
 We have ways of making an income that are well established and no one can make us redundant.
We have the skills learned over  many years to produce our own food  and that seems normal too.

All in all what on earth have I got to write about!

So sometimes I wonder why I'm blogging at all, as so many people can write much more fluently than I can. Lots of bloggers seem to be giving up too - the end of an era - maybe?

Ignore all the above as I think its just a down-in-the-dumps day!

I'll cheer up and come back tomorrow.


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