Sunday, 30 March 2014

A bad weekend for one cat but a good weekend for gardening

Really bad news on the cat front - Mabel has vanished.
She was the dark tortoiseshell and was incredibly timid. If we went into a room, she went out and she wouldn't let us near to stroke her. Something must have spooked her and sent her out of the back door when it was open late yesterday afternoon ( we hadn't let either of them out outside yet and Mabel hadn't even looked outside). We've searched high and low, calling her but as she was afraid of people she probably wouldn't come anyway. We have left shed doors open so she can get in ( or out  ) and put food out for her, but no sightings.
Polly seems to have hardly noticed that Mabel has gone as they hadn't spent any time together since Polly became settled.

In between looking for Mabel lots of gardening done this weekend.

Broad bean plants planted and seeds sown
Parsnip and some beetroot seeds in

To save creaky knees and wonky backs a lot of our gardening work is done sitting down!
 Weeding done in the back flower garden
Another bed of early potatoes planted
 Brassica seedlings moved to coldframe
Last years runner bean roots dug out and beds cleared.
More lettuce, salad leaves and radishes sown in poly-tunnel.
And C worked for his customer in Leiston yesterday morning and came home with a cheque for the three mornings work he has completed for her recently.

I'd better go and have another look around outside, just in case Mabel is about, but being in the middle of open countryside it's difficult to know where to look.


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