Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lots done despite the weather

I wish I could think of something exciting, scintillating, topical or frugally relevant to write about, but I can't so it's just an ordinary days diary post from Suffolk!

The sun was shining first thing so we got outside early to do as many jobs as we could before the rain arrived.

First we put down some weed suppressant stuff between the raspberry rows in the fruit cage. For two years we used plastic as that's all we had, but C rescued the proper stuff from our neighbour who was clearing it out. The plastic kept the weeds down but was very slippery in wet weather.
While we were in the fruit cage we noticed that some of the gooseberry bushes had some branches that have died over-winter, so they've been pruned.

I pulled up the last few useless swedes, they never grow well here, all top and no bottom!

Next we cleared up some paving slabs, moved the cement mixer and unloaded a big bag of wood into the shed. This was done to a clear space for a caravan, as one of the men who stayed last spring while he was working at Sizewell Power Station has asked if he can come back again for a few months. We can't put him on the campsite so have worked out a place he can park and not be in the way. He will be here just from Monday to Thursday each week.

C moved the new toilets and basins from the workshop around to the new toilet shed, and we moved the  3 IBC tanks round to the front of the workshop as the pallets they are fixed to need replacing or repairing before they are sold.

When it rained I did the ironing and he cut some wood.

The day turned much colder after lunch and I didn't fancy doing much outside after collecting and sorting the eggs so I sat and copied out some of the interesting looking recipes from Jack Monroes cookery book. Because of Easter and the mobile not coming I could keep it until May but as there is a long waiting list I'll pop it into Leiston library next week.
 Meanwhile C was working outside somewhere!

That was our day.

Thanks to Dartford Warbler, Angela,The Weaver of grass, Dreamer, Gill, Bridget, Kev, Out my window, Bovey Belle and Fran for comments yesterday and for ideas for the Peppermint plants and welcome to Abigail via Bloglovin' who also lives somewhere in Suffolk.

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