Saturday, 15 March 2014

Last year, this year.

On this same Saturday last year I biked down to the village of Friston to visit their fundraising table top sale in the village hall. I only spent a few pence on a roll of multi-coloured ribbon for craft making- which I've not yet found a use for. On the way home my chain came off, which meant walking home and it started pouring with rain.

Today I biked down to Friston village hall and found these, 2 book ends , two hooks with a boat and lighthouse and a book called" Living Simply" which now I've looked at it seems to lean rather too much towards religion.

I've been looking out for bookends for ages so they are very useful, the hook will go in the bathroom which means the hook that's already there can be used in the new campsite loos. The book will be looked at and either shelved or put in the car boot box.
The weather was fine and so was my bike. Total spend was £2.50. Then I watched a whole afternoon of rugby! 

Back tomorrow

PS welcome to new followers on Bloglovin. Seems to have sneaked up to 111 there without me noticing


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