Friday, 21 March 2014

Blackthorn Winter and Library book photo

One of my books of weather sayings says that there is usually a spell of warm days in March which brings the Blackthorn into flower and this is almost invariably followed by colder days, known as the Blackthorn winter. Exactly right this year with night-time temperatures forecast to be around zero on Sunday and Monday. We will wait a few days before sowing parsnips and putting the broad bean plants out.

A phone call from our son M last week told us that his partner R had got the job she was trying for in Bury St Edmunds so they are hoping to move back to Suffolk before summer. He was waiting to see what was happening with his job with the Archaeology company who had put him on a 4 day week, then back to 5 days and then given everyone else in the company notice. Today he rang to say that the company have gone into liquidation from the end of the month. He might get redundancy money although the debt they owe is to HMRC so there may not be much left!
He has put the word around various Archaeology companies but is willing to take any sort of job that comes up. He managed a stationary shop for a while after finishing Uni and is very good at organising so hopefully he can find something. The job R has got is a good one with a large Suffolk based company. I hope they can get themselves settled in Suffolk so they can see more of friends and family.

Today was library van day but my book haul is poor, and the van doesn't come in April as it clashes with Good Friday. Thank goodness I still have lots left to read from last month and of course there is always the back-up of reading some of the 1000 or so books we own!

Most exciting is the book in the middle - The new one by Elly Griffiths - Yippee!

Lots of jobs done today. Me: washing down the doors on campsite loos and shower, sweeping them
 out, making a cheese and broccoli quiche for tonight, all the egg jobs, sowing nasturtium seeds, normal housework and talking to cats!
C : Fetching another load of topsoil, sealing the lining stuff in the gents loo with PVA, re-painting floors in ladies toilets and the shower and probably several other things - all outside of course!

Many Thanks for comments yesterday and welcome to Lesley, Jennifer and Anne reading  via Bloglovin'. Hope you enjoy hearing about our quiet self sufficient life.

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