Sunday, 9 March 2014

Planting Willow Slips on a Sunny Sunday

It was such a lovely morning that we were outside working by 8.15.
All along one side of the caravan area on the campsite  we've planted a row of willow slips. Him Outside brought them home from the pond clearance work he did at our neighbours last week. Hopefully they will grow into a good sized hedge just like some we pushed into the ground many years ago.You can see how big they are along the fence line in the background. They were also freebies.
Along another side of the site we have a row of young trees all of which were raised from seedlings that I've found around the smallholding. Today we filled in some gaps with a couple more young trees that have been growing in pots for a couple of years.
I've also got the strawberry bed weeding finished, we've lost about half a dozen young plants over the wet winter.

Him Outside went off with the trailer at 11.00 to collect a workbench from Saxmundham for the second home owner who owns the house up the road from us . He came back with a £10 note - every little helps!
Which reminds me that this weekend is the second anniversary of Him being self employed after deciding that the County Council Bridge Inspection job had changed so much that he didn't want to carry on after his 55th birthday.
We had no idea if we could earn enough to live "in the manner to which we had been accustomed"! but as we had always been frugal it has been easier than we thought.

Look at what the temperature got to this afternoon................17.5 degrees C. This is a new thermometer that I got him (us) for Christmas. It sticks on the outside of the kitchen window. Hopefully it will last longer than a year which is all  the last two that we've had have managed. One was a dial  which got water in and the second went do-lally as soon as the sun shone on it. ( we thought we had put it in the shade of the shed roof).

It was so warm that I changed into shorts and sat in the conservatory for half an hour.

I hope you Sunday was sunny and warm too

Back tomorrow


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