Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review of the month, Looking back at February

It's the 1st of March so time for my regular look back at the ups and downs on The Simple Suffolk Smallholding. The good and the not-so-good of February 2014.

  1. We just scrapped in enough money to fill the virtual envelopes  for the March Budget ( see it here)
  2. £20 left in the housekeeping going into the Roberts Red Retro Radio Fund ( Now at £70)
  3. £30 cheque into an ISA
  4. Food spending fractionally under budget.
  5. General Household spending well inside budget.
  6. 2 small cats re-homed here after a  few years without a pet.
  7. We went to the annual Potato Day and bought our early seed potatoes.
  8. 2 Free jute shopping bags from the potato day 
  9. We are still eating our own stored eating and cooking apples.
  10. We  ate the first Purple Broccoli and still have Brussels sprouts, parsnips, leeks, chard and parsley available from the garden
  11. We still have onions from store
  12.  Plenty of our own fruit still in the freezer
  13. Lots of good reading from this months library books
  14. I relearned how to knit after about 50 years and started making dishcloths.
  15. I stitched 2 small cross stitch pictures and fitted them into 'things' for Christmas presents
  16. Most Chickens laying really well, still over 7 dozen to sell everyday
  17. Progress on the new toilet shed for campsite has been made
  18. Visited Family for lunch
  19.  Him Outside spent a few days visiting our son and girlfriend

On the other hand
  1. Our son - the Archaeologist - has had to go down to a 4 day week and his company have some cash flow problems- worrying news.
  2. Another mainly wet month 
  3. We have finished all our stored beetroot
  4. We have eaten all the pears from the freezer
  5. Oldest chickens laying a lot of odd shaped and thin shelled eggs that we can't sell.
That's all I can think of for February- Roll on spring!

Thanks to Bridget, Victoria, Fran, Cro, Gill, The Weaver of Grass and Bovey Belle for comments yesterday
( and re the bulk buy of Bicarb - it came off E bay)

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