Friday, 28 February 2014

Februarys Frugal accomplishments and todays news

February = 28 Days of frugal-ness - except for re-homing the cats with the required "donation" to Cats Protection!

Made our own bread every week
Avoided shopping and spent nothing on 19/28 days
Started knitting dishcloths so that we can stop using the sponge scourers which  don't last long.
Read library books for free
2 Free Jute shopping bags from the potato day.
I cut his hair and he cut mine.
Collected a free load of ply and other wood that had been destined for a skip.
Used free wood for heating house/water all month
Used the Rayburn/wood burner as much as possible for heating kettle.
Used the Rayburn oven as often as possible for cooking dinner
Used mainly our own vegetables so spent less than £7 on salad stuff.
Avoided using tumble dryer all month
Ate our own apples and frozen fruit + dried fruit so no spending on fresh fruit all month
Bulk buy of 10kg of Bicarb  for cleaning
My personal spending = NOTHING 

What news have I got for you from the east coast today?

The weather was bright first thing  so I got out to the shed to prick out the seedlings and pot up the largest of the tomato plants from modules into 3inch pots. I then sowed 4 of the frighteningly expensive cucumber seeds.
I had  a count up of seedlings/ plants growing so far, if they don't die on me we have
18 Sweet Pepper plants
10 Aubergine plants
75 various Tomato plants
All of the above are for the poly tunnels to produce things for us to sell
And several Parsley plants also to sell

Then I  washed all the pots and seed trays that have been used so far this year.

Him Outside has been starting to line out the new gents toilet shed.

Once it started to rain we decided on a lazy Friday afternoon.

I only found out last night that a lady who has just started commenting on my blog is the Nan of our youngest daughters partner. So an extra welcome to Janet!


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