Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The view from over the road

Not much you can say about the weather this morning apart from Yuck. More strong cold winds and more rain.
Him Outside even had to resort to tidying his workshop!
I couldn't get up any enthusiasm for anything exciting.

Then for just a couple of hours this afternoon the sun shone and the sky turned blue and I crossed the road to take a photo of the field all the way down to the little river valley and then on again. Long shadows, standing water and the green of a new crop of wheat.

   In the dead centre of this photo the white building in the far distance is Sizewell A power station and that's  on the coast 4 miles away, so if we were a bit higher we would be able to see the sea. Slightly to the left is the tower of Knodishall church. Knodishall is really just a few houses and a church because the actual village which is way over to the right and out of sight should be really be called Coldfair Green although everyone knows it as Knodishall. Confused?

Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting.


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