Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mixed Weather on a Quiet Tuesday

Cold wind, heavy rain, bright sunshine, black clouds, grey clouds, white clouds - we've had all those today.
It's difficult to know what to do on days like this. Him outside worked outside while it was fine, both on our neighbours hedge and on the campsite loo shed then moved into the workshop to repair the loose wheel on our small trailer when it rained.
My plans of doing some letter writing and knitting got delayed  because when I took the dry clothes from off the overhead dryer  upstairs to put away, I found a whole basket of ironing waiting for me. As it included several of his long sleeved working shirts, I thought I'd better get them done first.
Proper-sized dishcloth number 2 is coming along well and I'm three-quarters of the way through a letter to my penfriend. After lunch and egg jobs I got side tracked into Googling somebody on t'internet then reading blogs and before I knew it an hour and a half had gone, how did that happen?

Kev at  An English Homestead Blog asks " what is your thermostat set at?" We've not got one of those!
The Rayburn ( a solid fuel - wood and coal- economy version of an Aga) is lit each morning. It heats the kitchen and the radiators in the bathroom and hall and warms the  bedroom over the top (and it also heats our water ). At lunchtime we light the wood-burner in the living room. The  room doors are left open and some of the heat goes upstairs. We are rarely cold but often too warm! Sometimes a big bit of wood, the wind in the right direction and the wood burner goes mad. We can be sitting here in a teeshirt with snow on the ground outside. On another day the fire will be a bit sluggish and we need to open the slide at the bottom and put a wooly jumper on until it warms up.
To us lighting a fire, waiting for the rooms and water to heat up are just a simple part of life but I can see how some people used to proper central heating would find it too complicated. A few years back, when we thought about moving, the estate agents said a house is difficult to sell without central heating nowadays. Well, sometime in the future, when we can't manage here anymore, we shall find out.

Todays teeny timid cat news is that now we know they won't dash off we have left the dining room door open all day so they can hear the normal house noises going on and us moving about. I had 5 minutes of normal cat behaviour from Mabel - the shyest of them. I sat in the dining room knitting and talking to them and she came out from her box to look at the ball of wool laying on the floor and tapped it with a paw, so I went and got a bit of string which she played with for a few seconds and watched it moving across the floor. Then I made some scratching noises on the top of the table which she was hiding under and she actually moved to have a  look. That's a little improvement on complete indifference to everything.

Here's Mabel in the box and believe it or not Polly is in there behind her. The box is just a cardboard one, laying on its side, with the flap at the top fixed down so they have a small space to get in and hide where they feel nice and safe.

Welcome to Mary White follower 141 on Google friends.( I'm not sure, is this Mary White the one I know or someone with the same name! a mystery to be solved) One person has disappeared from the bloglovin' list - sorry to lose you.

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