Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Learning to knit at age 58!

When I was small I learned to knit, but only scarves for dolls.  I know  my mum did a little knitting, jumpers, cardigans and hats with attached scarves for me and my sister and I do remember her having an early knitting machine that took forever to set up and tangled easily.
Once I married Him Outside I never needed to knit, as his mum could rustle up things for the children quicker than you could say Double Knitting Wool!

Then about 4 years ago I used to take baking to the Country Market at Framlingham and around then a new knitting shop opened in the town with classes for beginners and several ladies from the market got interested in knitting again. One of them gave me a ball of 100%  cotton double knitting and said if I could cast on and do a row of knitting then I could make squares - including dish clothes - which would be very handy. I went and got a pair of knitting needles from the charity shop and then...........nothing. The ball of cotton was put away and the needles stood in a pot on the craft room window sill.

But I've been inspired by dozens of bloggers who knit especially Bridget at Malbridge House who knits as quick as my late mum-in-law. So having found where everything was, I cast on a needleful of stitches and began, just ordinary knitting, although I THINK I know how to purl, didn't want to make things too complicated.

I'd done about an inch or so when I realised I didn't know how to cast off when I  got to the end. ( Possibly in about 3 weeks time?) Luckily our friend who comes around every Wednesday morning to pick up her eggs was able to remind me what to do.

So One dishcloth coming up..........................eventually!

 A decision needs to be made about a letter in the post this morning. Do I want to work on the 22nd of May for 15 hours plus setting up and packing up time? For £115 plus £10 pay for online training? Do I want to sit in a village hall somewhere for a very long boring day, getting a backache?
Would I earn that amount staying at home - No, but I'm still not enthusiastic.
I'll think about it for a day or two.

Back Tomorrow.

PS - Thank you to everyone for comments over the last few days, welcome to Susan,  a new follower via bloglovin' and hello and goodbye to follower number 137 in the pictures who was there for a day and then went again before I had a chance to welcome them!


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