Monday, 24 February 2014

First Grass Cutting

Thanks to Out My Window, Karen, Janet, Bridget and Frugal in Bucks for comments yesterday and welcome to Jennifer, a new follower from New Mexico, who has a blog called "thistlebear".

 A lovely spring like day here, as long as you were indoors looking out, but outside there was still a chilly wind. Another good  drying day.

Today's Timid Teeny Cat News: Yesterday evening while we were in the living room we opened the dining room door, shut the rest of the doors in the house and encouraged Polly to came out and have a good look round. She really behaved like a normal cat, examining everything, going up stairs and down again and finally sitting on the arm of a chair ready to dash back into the dining room. Mabel is still staying in the box/bed. During the night they must emerge to eat as the food is gone by morning.

Him Outside is getting on well with doing the cladding on the campsite loo shed. It will soon be watertight. Then he will be able to start the inside.
I did my usual Monday morning bread bake, zoomed to Saxmundham for milk ( how did we forget it yesterday - easy- we turned right out of our gate instead of left so didn't go past the T shop-  Twits!) and then I went out to have another go at weeding the front flower bed but it's still to sticky so I gave up again.

After lunch Him Outside suggested that I cut the grass on the two areas of campsite, while he tidied up some trees - mainly willow- that had either had branches broken in the wind or were leaning out onto the camping area making it difficult to cut the grass. It seems odd to start grass cutting on Feb 24th but with the mild winter we've had the grass has hardly stopped growing and if we leave it to get too long then the mower just gets clogged up.
Better have a photo for the blog I said, so he obliged.
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