Monday, 10 February 2014

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Treat

It may be yet another dismal day of drizzle interspersed with heavier downpours but when you can go out and pick the first colander of Purple Sprouting Broccoli then it turns into a good day.

Him Outside had plans to get started on hedge-cutting at our neighbours but changed that to collecting feed and then cutting wood in the shed.
I made the usual two loaves of bread and then boring housework.
Another Monday soon gone.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday
After the picture of the Red Hazel catkins yesterday here is a reminder of what it looks like in high summer - lovely red leaves. If you've got room for one, they do cheer up the garden. Before we built the kitchen extension I could see this group of shrubs from my kitchen window. Now I'm waiting for my new potting shed in a different place so the old dilapidated one can be taken down and I'll be able to see them again. This year? Next year? sooner rather than later I hope!

Back tomorrow.


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