Sunday, 16 February 2014

One year ago today

One year ago today I started to do regular posts about our simple life here in Suffolk.
It really began a few weeks earlier - Christmas 2012, when our eldest daughter was here. I got her to help  me start a blog. Then it got forgotten until February 16th 2013 when I began writing regularly. The problem was the blog was on Wordpress and I just couldn't seem to work out how to do things that other folks seemed able to do on Blogspot,  which is why I changed over  in April 2013.
So this year I'm having  2 blogging anniversaries! Feb 16th and April 9th.
If you are curious ( goodness knows why you would be!) You can read my early posts on the Wordpress blog  HERE
Like a lot of people, I started the blog just as a record of what we do here for family and friends to read. Then when other people started reading and commenting it got more interesting. Now there are over 1000 page views everyday. Amazing!  So thank you to everyone who reads, follows and comments, it makes blogging much more fun.

Looking back to Feb 16th 2013 I see that the weather had been very wet, I was keen to get weeding but the beds were still too sticky. Exactly the same as today! Reading back reminds me I've forgotten to put  Aubergines in the propagator . Must remedy that ASAP.

It's been a quiet, calm and blue sky day here today. A load of washing dried on the line. Some Broad Bean seeds have been sown, a bit more knitting has been done and Olympics watched.
The Simple Life at it's best.

Back Tomorrow.


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