Saturday, 15 February 2014

More weather

Blimey! What a rough night.
And then what a blowy day.
I'm here on my own for a couple of days ( as Him Outside has gone off to visit our son and take the opportunity to go and watch rugby at Northampton Saints), so I was glad nothing serious got damaged in the gales. Our trellis arch has collapsed, but that can stay where it is until he is home again.

Dishcloth number 1 is finished.
Marks  for evenness of tension = 0/10
Number of  odd looking bits with strange loopy stitches = 3
Satisfaction with remembering/relearning a basic skill = 10/10
Usefulness of dishcloth - we will see. To have enough to use/wash I suppose I need about 10 so I'd better have a look out for some more 100% cotton double knitting. There are some balls of bamboo yarn on ebay, would that work?

I've been watching some Curling from the Winter Olympics, I think I'm getting quite into it, may even have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning to see how the men do. Or maybe not!

Thanks to all my bloggy friends for comments yesterday and a big Welcome to Vada Wetzel and Lynn Gill, new followers on bloglovin' and to twintalk2 follower 138 on google friend. Hope you enjoy the news from a simple Suffolk Smallholding.

Back tomorrow, when I must get some broad beans into pots as it's just too soggy to think about doing anything outside.


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