Thursday, 20 February 2014

1,800 Egg Boxes

We needed a new stock of egg boxes so had a morning out to collect them and while we were out we popped into Diss to do a tour of the charity shops. We took a flask as per usual and had a coffee in the jeep before heading out around the town.

No bargains except one which I will keep you in suspense about until tomorrow!

By the time we had been all around the town and heading back to the car we were getting a bit peckish so bought a couple of cakes from Greggs to have with the rest of our coffee. A £1.15 treat and then another cheap treat - a bag of watercress, which I love, to have with a lasagne for dinner tonight.
The joy of being frugal is that even the treats are not expensive. If bought cakes and salads-in-a-bag are your normal fare then a treat would need to be something for £5 instead of £1!

I once grew watercress from seed as it doesn't need running water but the plants didn't do very well. It needs growing in  pots that are stood in a big tray of water so that they are constantly damp. But I think they need feeding to get anything big enough to be able to cut to eat. I'm not sure if the seeds are still available.

This is what 1,800 Egg boxes looks like, what a good thing it is to have a spare room to keep them in!

Each bale holds 300 plain grey boxes for 6 eggs and work out to between 5 and 6 pence each box. This is the cheapest we have been able to find them. We are now selling about 58 dozen eggs every week and this lot  should last us most of the year depending on how many clean boxes get returned. Someone left us several the other day but they had obviously put the broken egg shells in the boxes as they were stained and dirty with bits of shell stuck all over. However, nothing is wasted as they are handy for fire lighting or in summer when the fires are not alight dirty boxes get torn into bits and added to the compost bin.

Being out this morning means I missed the Scottish girls winning their Bronze medal in the Curling but hopefully I shall get to see the mens final which I'm guessing is tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is also library van day but my book picture will  have to wait until Saturday.

Keeping you guessing over what tomorrows photo will be..................................

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