Saturday, 1 February 2014

Review of the month - Looking Back At January + todays news

It's the first of February so here is my usual look back at the month to see how things have gone -  The Good and the Not so Good.
I think you can sum up January in one short sharp word - WET or two words VERY WET or three words Absolutely, Awfully WET!

 But I have to look at the positives first.
  1. Unexpected and very good income from County Council work.
  2. We have enough money for February's Budget
  3. We managed to get all three children and all three partners here together.
  4. All spending ( except food) was very low
  5. We are still eating our own stored apples, pears etc from the freezer and dried apricots and prunes so only £1.50 spent on fresh fruit.
  6. The butternut squash stored in the craft room are still OK
  7. We still have cooking apples stored in the shed
  8. Plenty of our own fruit still in the freezer
  9. Still eating leeks, Brussels sprouts,parsnips, cabbage from the garden
  10. Loads of lovely library books
  11. Just over £100 added to an ISA
  12. Total savings towards the Roberts Red Retro Digital Radio = £50 ,so I'm a third of the way there.
  13. The chickens are laying very well - over 8 dozen eggs to sell every day.
  14. Friends came to visit for the day.
  15. I got one small bit of cross stitch done and made some papercraft cards.
  16. We used a voucher to get multi-purpose and seed compost for the year.
  17. More wood has been added to the log pile.

 On the other side of the coin
  1. Everywhere is so very wet, a very depressing month
  2. I went down with a flu type thing just when the family were here.
  3. Food spending over budget but  that was because of the traditional giant takeaway when the family were here so I don't begrudge it at all.
  4. We finished eating our own potatoes so had to buy a sack  =  £6.40
  5. County council work now finished - no more income from that job

Today's news
 We had another huge rainfall last night - it seemed as if it was all night long. The beds in the garden are now all surrounded by water and as for the chicken runs - Oh dear.
But this morning we had blue skies and sunshine so Him Outside went to help our elderly friend with some tree pruning at the second home across the fields from us.
There was some shooting going on in the wood near us yesterday and when Him Outside went onto our field later he found a pheasant - still warm - so sorting that out was one of my jobs this morning. That makes 3 we have in the freezer. I rootled around outside to find a few herbs ready to make  omelets for tonight's dinner. This is all I could come up with
Parsley, a few tiny new fennel leaves and even fewer new shoots of welsh onion.

This afternoon we popped out for 15 minutes to a jumble sale at the Guide Hut in Leiston, nothing very exciting there really. Him Outside found a small kit containing car light bulbs and fuses for 50p.

Then it was time for a cuppa, a biscuit and the beginning of the 6 Nations Rugby.

Welcome to follower  134 - The Vintage Kitten, she lives somewhere on the north of the UK where they had snow overnight . Also welcome to three more followers on Bloglovin, Phylis, C Gunn and Lesley, taking that total to 96.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings from Suffolk.

Back Tomorrow with February Weather Sayings


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