Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Perhaps spring is around the corner after all

I got a nice surprise this morning when I looked to see if there were any comments on yesterdays post. 15 people had joined in the fruity conversation! That's brilliant, so thank you to Karen, Dc, The Weaver of Grass, Bridget, Sara, Kev, Cro, Em, A Suffolk Girl, Compostwoman, The Squirrel Family, Pam, Out of my Window and  Janet.

The temperature has increased a few degrees today and if only we could have a week like this everywhere would dry up enough to start weeding. This might be a vain hope as by 4.30 it had started raining again.

Him Outside has had a busy day, he had a doctors appointment first thing, bought some wood to make the door frames for the gents loo shed, called in to the place that has the IBC tanks to see if they had any more going cheap, came home and unloaded the trailer full of tree prunings onto the bonfire heap, popped up to "the second home across the fields" who owed him money for work done( they are there for the half term holiday), sorted out what other work they want doing. Then after lunch he went and collected 6 tanks - we already have 2 people wanting one each so that will get the money back quite quickly. Then before the rain started he began the job of pressure washing all the tanks.

I've had a MUCH quieter day than him as I was feeling very tired  after a couple of nights of strange dreams waking me up in a panic, so decided to take things easy.

Listening to the radio early this morning I heard this  "Because China isn't spending as much money on consumer goods as they were a couple of years ago, we in Europe are going to need to spend more to push up production and create more jobs" Uh?  I Don't think so - not here anyway. Avoiding jumping on the consumer wagon is the best way to save money.


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