Sunday, 9 February 2014

A bit blowy

The wind is very strong and bitterly cold here today although we have had no rain ( so far). I put a couple of loads of washing through the machine yesterday evening so I could get them out early today and I needed 5 pegs on everything to keep them on the line. All more or less dry by 2pm. By having enough clothes so that I can wait for a dryish weather forecast before doing the washing, I have only needed to use the tumble dryer once( for towels) all through the winter. I've seen blogs where people limit the number of items of clothing they have to use, but surely this means doing more washing? with maybe a less than full load?

We got around to watching some of the Olympics live this morning, just in time to see the first ever British medal on snow- according to the presenters. Exciting stuff. I don't know how they do all that leaping about on a board - young and fearless I guess. While  watching I got the second bit of cross stitch done of the two I'm doing for putting into 'things' for Christmas presents.

We have had a couple of weeks with no fresh salad stuff from the poly-tunnel but today Him Outside rummaged about and come up the this lot including a few bits of chickweed which is edible but tasteless.

Our lunch is always 'something' and a salad - usually using whatever we have . His 'something' is in a sandwich but |I go without the bread! We are still having beetroot everyday from what was stored in sand and  buy celery and sometimes cucumber during winter for added crunch. ( NEVER tasteless tomatoes!). Our 'something' varies; tinned sardines, chicken if we've had a roast, ham when I buy the pack of off-cuts from Co-op, quiche if there is some leftover, hard boiled egg or cheese when we've nothing else in the fridge.

Here is another picture of spring - the pink catkins on my Red Hazel.

The shrub behind is a type of hybrid Holly - I think. It looks like Holly but without the prickly leaves, as usual I didn't make a note and the label was lost long ago.

That's me done for today,

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