Saturday, 22 February 2014

Library Book Photo

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday about the very shy  cats. They came out of hiding during the night to eat but have spent the day hidden in their box/bed. I've been in and out of the dining room to speak to them and to give them little bit of a stroke and tickling under the chin, which cats usually like.

We've had a beautiful early spring day here with almost non stop sunshine. Him Outside was working on the new campsite loos and then he delivered the two IBC tanks to people on allotments at Blaxhall ( a village not far away). So we have the money back for the 6 he bought, £15 profit and 4 more still to sell. We'll put an ad in the Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter and they will probably go quite quickly once the gardening season starts.
I got outside to clear a bit of overgrown old herb garden that had several woody lavender plants and a half dead rosemary with ivy and brambles creeping through. This bit of garden and the small overgrown patio beside it are going to go back to grass as they are beside the old garden potting shed which will come down when the new one is built- sometime.

So, as promised, here is the picture of the library books collected from the mobile yesterday. A good selection with several crime by authors I've not read before, that have been recommended by people on other blogs.
There are three more WWII books that I've not seen before. Third from the right " The Library Book" is short pieces by authors about using libraries. The Trisha Ashley is a bit of light rubbish for a change, while the small book by Angela Thirkell, in the centre is short stories published in the 1930s/40s but never collected together before. Virago reprinted her book High Rising which I enjoyed a couple of months ago and now seem to be doing some more.
Due to the knitting, I still had some January books unread, so now have a massive pile of books under the table by my chair - 22 to be precise! More hours in the day needed please!

Back Tomorrow.


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