Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thursday odds and ends.

The Weather, there's no getting away from it is there?
As often happens when the weather is from the South West, by the time it gets to us on the  East coast the worst has usually  happened somewhere else. So we remain the driest part of the country with few problems. Our rivers are smaller and water meadows that flood tend not to have been built on. The South West winds have crossed land and slowed down before they reach us too. So it's only when the weather is from the North East that we really get to feel it and even then our proximity to the coast can sometimes keep temperatures higher in winter.
 I'm not sure how I would cope with a flooded house, probably not very well.

 Thank you to everyone for encouragement on the knitting. Him Outside said it's really funny to see me knitting when I've never done it before. The dishcloth is growing, with one or two strange loopy stitches. I don't know how to put things right when I lose a stitch, so that's something I need to learn.

I still haven't decided if I should work for one day in May or not. As Kev ( at An English Homestead) says it's difficult to turn down any chance of earning money when you are self-employed. Although I know that at 5pm when I'm sitting there with backache with 5 hours still to go I shall be wishing I was comfortable at home.

So What's been happening today?
Him Outside was cutting hedges at our neighbours and I made a batch of pastry cases to put in the freezer, some jam tarts with the leftover pastry and pricked out the next batch of tomato seedlings. Next I need to get some more sweet pepper seeds started and some chili pepper seeds too. A load of washing got more or less dry on the line and dinner for 4 is sorted.

I wondered why it was taking a while every day to read all the new posts by bloggers in my blogroll and then counted 61 blogs over there! Better not add anymore or there won't be time for anything else all day.
Welcome to The Simple Living Homestead, a new follower with a new blog.

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