Monday, 3 February 2014

3 days of Sunshine in Suffolk

It is such a rare thing this year - 3 days of sunshine and blue skies. Lucky us.

I nipped into Saxmundham for the February main shop at Tescos this morning. Must remember not to go again first thing on a Monday morning - half the shelves empty and six things I couldn't get. I thought I would investigate Waitrose for the missing value range SR Flour - that place is a joke. Their Essential range flour 3 times the price of Tesco. Their Essential range weetabix more expensive than proper Weetabix in Tesco. Our stupid  Tesco do not stock value range bran flakes or weetabix, yet they do have value range Gin and Vodka! What does this say about the folk of Saxmundham I wonder.
I had a £2 off £10 spend at the Co-op pharmacy - 2 things I wanted they don't have.
I gave up and came home!
Small Rant over. ( please don't reply to this small rant. I know the workers own the place therefore their working conditions are better and I know a lot of people love the store for their own reasons, I'm just astonished at their prices.)

Him Outside was working at our neighbours this morning. He is beginning the job of erecting a small poly-tunnel to cover her small boat. Having sold her holiday flat in Majorca she is planning to get sailing again on the local rivers and estuarys, so wants to keep the boat out of the weather.
 He has also been moving more wood from the outdoor heap where it's been seasoning for a couple of years into the shed for cutting. Free heat but lots of work. Look at that blue sky! ( Apologies to anyone reading this where it isn't sunny today!)
My afternoon jobs were the egg sorting - of course- and then boring ironing, a tasty lamb stew for dinner using some Co-op Yellow sticker neck of lamb chops - one of the best cuts for stew  I think. Once cheap, now even they are too expensive unless I can find them reduced.

It was lovely to watch Andy Murray winning in The Davis Cup on TV last night. I thought it was odd that I was " allowed" to watch as Him Outside missed the first of the new Top Gear series, should have known it was repeated tonight! I can't STAND that Jeremy Clarkson man- Just awful! Some people seem to find him funny - How weird.

And finally I must say Hello and welcome to another follower in the pictures, number 135- L.J. Lilley. Plus also welcome to Jennie on Bloglovin number 97.

Back tomorrow


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