Monday, 24 March 2014

Bumper Bread Bake and poly tunnel news

I never have any trouble getting up when the sun is shining and this morning it was beautiful. So by 7.15 am the chickens had been let out, first lot of eggs collected and the washing was flapping on the line. I decided there was plenty of time to have a bumper bread making session.  2 loaves of bread, a dozen white rolls and a dozen tomato and herb rolls were cooling on the rack by noon. In between the bread rising and cooking I nipped in and out to do some clearing up in the garden.
An untidy bit with an ancient wheelbarrow full of broken pots that's lurked beside the garden shed for the last 20 years has been sorted. The shed is coming down too soon I hope.
 Over at the damaged poly tunnel
(This is what it looked like after the storm in December before we took the ripped plastic off)
I've tidied away some odd bricks, posts and bits of wood and pulled up lots of weeds.

C. was working  at our neighbours  this morning but this afternoon he barrowed some compost onto the beds and used the rotavator to sort out  the middle tunnel - much easier to do it while there is no plastic on it. We ran the tape measure over the frame ready to order new plastic. There is just one bit of frame broken so  hopefully he will be able to fix it.

I started a new book yesterday but abandoned it after half an hour. It had such promise - being an historical crime set in the 1890s in London. But it was just full of mistakes. It was written by an American author who hadn't done enough research about late Victorian Britain! Really annoying.

 Yesterday evening I had my feet up on the settee and look what happened. I couldn't shut the laptop for fear of squashing a small black comfy cat. I think we can say that Polly has settled in nicely!

Welcome to three new followers on Google friends - Alison, Dawn and Lea and to someone on Bloglovin' too, although I can't find your name at the moment. Hope you enjoy reading about our quiet life here. Leave a comment sometime, I like reading what people think of the blog.

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