Friday, 14 March 2014

Using up odd eggs

Very foggy here this morning, it hung around until midday. This weather say popped into my head " So many fogs in March, So many frosts in May" which is one I forgot to mention at the beginning at the month. I don't want frosts in May thank you!

I used up some of the wrinkled or funny shaped eggs this morning by making a big batch of sponge cakes which have gone into the freezer. After collecting and sorting eggs today there were another 6 odd ones for us to use. Omelet tomorrow I think.

Sometime this weekend I want to make some leek/potato/cheese pasties as we have several leeks left to use and if the weather stays warm they will run to seed quite quickly. I'm not sure warm weather in March is really a good thing.

My Thursday thoughts post yesterday seemed to strike a chord with several people who like looking in other peoples shopping trolleys or go off into a dream while weeding the garden.

I had another thought today-
Would I be richer or poorer if I hadn't bought so many penny pinching and frugalling books?

 I will let you decide! :-)


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