Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'm Hanging on to a low-tech world

Inside the front cover of my cheque book it says " It's a high-tech world, so why use a low tech cheque?"
Apparently  if I did my banking online I could transfer money, make payments and apply for a loan at 2am!!
Why would I want to ?  I'm asleep.
Using a cheque book puts me amongst the minority, and I still go into the bank too, despite them trying to persuade people to do everything via the cash machine or online. They need to cut back on staff so I guess the queues will just get longer.

We try to live a fairly low tech life here.
This computer is probably the most complicated thing in the house plus maybe the solar water heating thingy on the roof.
The trouble is everything seems to get more complicated. The old microwave had three levels of power and a timer - that was it. The new one forces me to get the instruction book out everytime I want to do anything other than press the 30 second button.
Years ago I could light my gas cooker with a match, then they had electric ignition and a safety switch so when the electric was off the gas oven wouldn't work. Electric ovens were just turned on to the temperature you wanted now my electric oven has 6 settings as well as the temperature dial and will only switch on if the clock is set.
Our low tech heating system starts with scrunching up some newspaper and striking a match!

I could go on .............but I won't.

So what did we do on Thursday 27th.
C went off to work for a customer in Leiston and I potted up 9 aubergine and 8 more pepper plants, washed lots more pots, did some housework, prepared a roast chicken dinner for us, our youngest and her bloke and probably several other things.

Nothing on TV tonight but Elbow are in concert on Radio 2 and on the red button so that should be good.
 I'm also reading a light rubbishy book - Trisha Ashley, its one of those books which I think is called chick lit, so I guess I'm really too old to read it!
Have you been watching Shetland ? This week was part one of a two part story based on the book "Dead water" by Ann Cleeves. Which I read just a few months  ago yet I can't for the life of me remember who did it. Something my brother-in-law said when he was here at Christmas came to mind.
 I was given the first four books in The Cazalet series by Elizabeth Jane Howard. He said they would take me a while to read. I said I had already read them but wanted to read them again because I'd forgotten much of the story and I needed to re read before the 5th in the series was published. He said if I read more slowly, I might remember what I'd read.
He might be right.

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