Monday, 3 March 2014

Not quite as planned

Don't you just "love" days when things don't go quite as they should.

It started yesterday evening when Him Outside looked at the weather forecast and decided to delay the hedge cutting at the second-home-across-the-fields as we were due showers here all day ( That's the third time it's been put off). Except the rain had gone by daybreak and it's been fine all day so he could have gone after all.

I had a physio appointment first thing and had some errands to run while out including posting a couple of things ( I'm still annoyed that last year  someone nicked the post box at the end of our road and it's not to be replaced). When I got home the letters were still in my bag- darn it! so I thought I'd get the bread started and then bike down to the letterbox in Friston. Returning home I put my bike brakes on to stop  and somehow tipped over sideways - and landed in a puddle- unhurt but wet!

So there I was a while later, in the kitchen getting things done when Him Outside who had been working on the lining out of the campsite gents loo came to the door dripping blood from a badly cut finger - caught on the edge of the circular saw ( made me go all peculiar!). He wrapped it up tight and held it up in the air and eventually it stopped bleeding but after another look even he felt a bit faint and  reckoned it might need stitches so the doctor was phoned and down to Leiston we went. After a long wait he went into the nurse and after cleaning things up and a check from the doctor they decided it didn't need stitches after all so just a big dressing was applied and a tetanus injection given. And that means he gets out of the washing up for a week at least. - Not a lot of sympathy from me as you can see!

By the time we got back the bread had risen a bit too much, so it won't be quite as nice as usual and I've been trying to catch up with the missing hour and a half for the rest of the day.

Ho Hum- that's how it goes sometimes - nothing serious - just annoying.

I finished yesterday by mentioning the interesting find at a boot sale.

About once or twice a year we go to the big car boot sale at Kessingland near Lowestoft, we usually go in the winter when there are no boot sales locally. Yesterday I glimpsed this painting laying out of reach. The lady passed it to me to look at and I recognized the signature  B.C.Lilley. She wanted £4 but I offered £3 and she said yes. The reason I'm pleased is because this artist  lives locally to where we used to live in Mid Suffolk and he was actually an Insurance man for years - at the time when they called on people to collect- and used to go to Him Outsides house when he  still lived with his parents during the 1970s to collect the £2 a week that was paid for life insurance. He got well known as an artist and his pictures went up in price,now they are often featured in the regional newspaper and in exhibitions. He is in his 70s now and has got some on show at a framing shop and gallery at the moment. I think I might take it there to get it re framed,  as the frame is falling apart and the pins in the back are rusty, and try and find out more about it. We think it's Kersey in Suffolk, but the date is unreadable. I don't think it's as good as those he paints now so it may have been done several years ago.
(The glass has caught the reflection of the window - It hasn't really got a big light blue blob on the top!)

I love original paintings so it was an interesting find.

Back tomorrow


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