Monday, 17 March 2014

A way of life that's gone and new life appearing

Did anyone see Countryfile last night?
They had a short feature about Hope Bourne, a lady who lived a very self-sufficient life on Exmoor for many years. She died, I think they said, in 2010 and left all her paintings and sketches to the Exmoor Society.
I first heard of her way back in the early 1980s when I found her book "Wild Harvest" while we were on holiday in Minehead.
For much of her life she lived in a tiny caravan, shot game to eat, grew vegetables, walked everywhere, wrote and painted. A way of life that would be difficult now.
I found two more of her books more recently.
If you come across them anywhere they are worth a look especially "Wild Harvest"
The warm weather over the weekend has encouraged some new life in the garden.
I'm very pleased to see the frog spawn in the mini pond.
Blackthorn blossom has been around inland for a couple of weeks but only now appearing here.

New leaves appearing on the willow hedge between the campsite areas
White violets

Leaves appearing on the gooseberry bushes
Poor photo and I can't remember the name of the shrub - Escalonia?

Perennial wallflower
Thank you for comments yesterday
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