Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Review of the month - Looking Back at March

It's been a lovely sunny day here, with temps up to 19 degrees C.
We've been without internet connection all day, so I was beginning to wonder if I would get to do this post. But we seem to be OK again now (she says with fingers etc crossed) so better do this quick.

If ever I do disappear at anytime it won't be because anything's wrong but because we live in Suffolk where  sometimes everything can be a bit slow. Local MP's have been campaigning for years to upgrade broadband in the area.
 At least it's better than it was before broadband when we had to switch the computer on and then go off and do half an hours work somewhere else before the darn thing was ready.

Anyway, Here is my look back at what happened here during March on the Simple Suffolk  Smallholding
  1.  We had enough income to cover April Budget
  2. Food spending under budget
  3. £20 left in my purse to go into the Roberts Red Retro Radio fund ( now at £90) 
  4. 21 days out of 31 were No Spend Days.
  5. I made some papercraft cards for birthdays
  6. We saved over £100 by changing the House Insurance 
  7.  Our son's girlfriend has a new job in Bury St Edmunds so they will be moving back to Suffolk.
  8. Our son has been offered a 6 month contract with an archaeology company in the area.
  9. Lots of gardening tidying done
  10. Some good library books
  11. An interesting painting by a local artist bought for £3 from car boot sale.
  12. Finished knitting 7th dishcloth.
  13.  It was a very dry month almost no rain here on the Suffolk Coast
  14.  Bookings for campsite beginning to trickle in
  15. Lots of seeds sown outside
  16. 48 "Hungry gap" brassica plants arrived and were planted and covered
  17. Conservatory is full of  plants ready to go into  polytunnel.
  18. First tomatoes have been planted into polytunnel
  19. We put the newly made stall out by the gate and found £1.20 under the old one!
  20. Still plenty of last years fruit in the freezer.
  21. C. visited our eldest daughter and her partner and helped with lots of repair jobs on their home.
On the other side of the coin
  1. The Archaeology company that our son has worked for for many years has gone bust ( but see 8 above) he might get some redundancy money - eventually.
  2. No money was saved this month due to it being a month with extra expenses for stuff for campsite loos.
  3. 1  Rescued cat gone missing.
  4. Hardly any winter vegetables left in the garden- just a few leeks
I think that's about it for March
Many thanks for comments yesterday, sorry I didn't get to reply individually, due to reading a very good book all evening and then no connection all day.

Back Tomorrow - as long as we are connected to the internet!


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