Sunday, 6 April 2014

Car Boot Sale and scones

There was some rain at about 4am but by 7, when I let the chickens out, it was fine although very grey. We decided to risk it and popped 10 minutes up the road to the first car boot sale of the season. Not many boots there but we found the two loo roll holders that we needed for the gents loos for 50p each. Much better than £8 - £18 they were charging for a new one in B&Q. I also bought a little Christmas tin just like the two I got last year, for 50p, only this one was full of marbles!
These two bought last year and  another one this year they are just right for small Christmas cakes.
When I told C that I'd bought a tin of marbles he said they would come in handy in case I lose mine! Cheek!
The marbles have been sorted and the prettiest ones added to some we had.........left from the days of having a Marble run game and Kerplunk. The ordinary ones have gone into a plastic bag and we'll take them to a boot sale ourselves when we do one later this year.
The only other purchase was £1.50 spent on an OS map for our area. The one we owned was pinned up on the wall in the campsite recreation room last spring which left us without one indoors.

We were  home again before 9 o'clock so after a coffee I decided to make scones and also, while the oven was hot, a cheese and herb quiche.

C was working in the poly-tunnels weeding and sinking some flower pots between the tomato plants, we always do this to make it easier and more efficient for watering. The water goes into the pots and down to the tomato roots rather than just running off the topsoil.

My next job was to sow 2 more cucumber seeds, a dozen courgette, a dozen pumpkin and a dozen squash seeds.  We want 30 to 40 squash plants this year as they sold so well last autumn.

1 more campsite booking by email and one by phone, we now have our full allocation of 5 touring caravans over the Easter weekend. We also had an enquiry about someone for a possible 19 night stay in May!!
Putting the shower in has really done the trick in encouraging more people to come.

That's my lot for today
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