Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Only 10 minutes to post!

The weather has been so good today and we have both been busy outside. So I'm just doing a quick post to catch up on whats going on here.

Nature stuff; THE FIRST SWALLOW spotted checking out nesting sites in the  hay shed .

Selling stuff; we have just started selling rhubarb, don't need to put it out for sale as our other neighbour will buy it all for her husband. He is diabetic and rhubarb is the only fruit he eats.
Also sold 2 sheep-keeping books and a few bits of sheep equipment to a smallholder = £30
I've put parsley plants and a few herbs out for sale but none sold yet.

Planting stuff; we've got the last two beds of the early potatoes planted.

Growing stuff; We ate the first few asparagus spears yesterday for lunch Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Sowing stuff; Lots of runner beans, pumpkin,squash and courgette  seeds have been sown.

Cooking stuff; Made a giant batch of beef and vegetable stew to use up more of the last leeks, some for dinner with dumplings and some for a pie and the last popped into the freezer for another day.

Cs work; He has been cutting the grass and fetching some woodchip for our neighbour,  cutting grass on the campsite and mending the poly-tunnel frame.

Reading stuff; I'm reading the book of the Blog "Five Acres and a Dream"

Campsite News; One tent plus family of four arrived for a weeks stay today. They said it looked a lovely tidy site.

Cat news: Still  no sign of Mabel anywhere . Polly is well settled now. Spotted her nibbling leaves of the pepper plants in the conservatory - promptly sick!

Bargain news; I WISH! Tesco and Co-op = hopeless.

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday


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