Saturday, 26 April 2014

NOT a Library Book Photo

Before I forget I must say a proper welcome to a new follower in the Google pictures - ShrimptonandPerfect and on bloglovin' Nikki, Sonia, Janey and Carolyn.
Also thanks comments yesterday about "The Flow".

How did we get round to Saturday again already?

Yesterday was a grey misty, drizzly sort of day. Not enough rain to fill any water butts or to penetrate far into the soil. Today started out much the same perhaps a wee bit wetter. Just as I told the couple who arrived on the campsite yesterday " we are usually the driest part of country". It rains. Typical!

As it was too wet to work outside I played in my craft room instead. But before I could get started I had to clear my desk of things that get dumped on it on their way elsewhere. Then I shifted a couple of cupboards to see if it gave me more room. So by the time I actually got down to card making it was nearly lunch time.
It was slightly dryer after lunch so I biked down to the village hall to have a look at a Spring Bazaar that someone was having to raise funds for one of those charity things - Climbing Kilimanjaro I think. I'm afraid my donation to their cause was poor - only a £1 for a pack of six Christmas Crackers.
C was out much of the morning, yes you guessed, he was moving the irrigation stuff again. Then he used the tractor bucket and trailer for clearing out two of the chicken sheds.

With no Library books this month because the van was due on Good Friday, I've been reading some of my own books from my shelves and some of the ones I had for my birthday.

A picture is needed I think
I'm currently  reading  The Two Mrs Abbots by DE Stevenson which is a VERY old copy I found at a car boot sale it is in the pile  because Persephone Books   re-published it a while back. I'm a great fan of the company who republish old "lost" books and would love to buy lots from them, but they are a bit pricey, so I use their catalogues for ideas.Their books have wonderful endpapers that feature prints of material available at the time the original book was published, and a matching bookmark is always included if you buy a book from them.

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