Saturday, 5 April 2014

Odd jobs on Saturday

Nice and sunny here until the clouds arrived and the wind strengthened in the late afternoon.
C was working for a customer in Leiston this morning and after I had done a clean up in the kitchen I did what I like best - pottering around in the garden. Weeding the newest raspberries, putting the two peppermint plants into a big pot until I decide where to plant them. Digging  Welsh Onion and chives  plants from the old herb garden and potting them up. Watering all the pots, Tidying the shed (again). I found our other campsite sign that we put down the end of the road, which C did when he got home.
And Good News......Our first unexpected visitors to the small motorhome, without an electric hookup for two nights = £20.
Our 22nd year of running a small  campsite has begun!

Back Tomorrow, I decided if  it's fine we will be at the car boot sale but if it's wet I'll make scones instead! Sounds good.


PS Thanks for comments yesterday


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