Sunday, 13 April 2014

What a weird coincidence

On the 4th of this month I did a post with a list of the things I was looking for at car boot sales this season. I've been carrying round a picture of some wine glasses that I wanted to add to 4 I had already.
Lo and behold there at the car boot sale today, a box of 4 just like I found at a boot sale about 3 years ago. I snapped them up for £2 and the piece of card I've had in my purse can go in the bin.
If writing a list on my blog makes things appear I need this to work for everything else, so here's my new list.

A few new tea towels  as long as they are less than 50p
Card making bits, although they have to be cheap and I must be really choosy as I have shelves full already.
Things that could be Christmas presents.
A Hosta that has green leaves with yellow edges.
New cheap ( less than £2) T shirts.
An old ( but decent) rug with a traditional pattern in beige and reds  for in front of the wood burner
A large old fashioned square shaped mirror
Books( of course)

There are two boot sales next weekend..........I'll let you know if this list-on-blog magic works again.

Back tomorrow


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