Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sunny day odds and ends post.

Something odd  happened on yesterdays blog  on my computer with words turning blue and linking in to ads - nothing to do with me so it looks as if I have gremlins. It doesn't appear on my post on other computers so hopefully hasn't spread a virus anywhere. If I disappear for a few days it will be because we have taken the laptop down to the computer man in Leiston to put right.

I was sorting, cleaning and boxing up the eggs this afternoon and listening to the radio. I'm sure I heard the weather lady say " highs of 10 - 14 degrees C this afternoon". The Thermometer on the outside of the kitchen window - not in the sun - said 20.5 C!

As usual at this time of year there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get all the sowing, planting,weeding, grass cutting and tidying done. Although I've just got to the end of weeding the front flower garden again. I got  a batch collection of cheap plants to fill it from a company that does mail order in the Autumn of 2012 and the plants looked a bit poor, but they have now filled out. The perennial wallflowers which came in the batch are not something I would have chosen but the colours and scent are wonderful and I wish I'd grown them before.

We thought the frogspawn in the mini sink pond had just vanished, but after a close inspection I spotted some teeny tiny tadpoles lurking amongst the horrible blanket weed ( we take it out but it comes back in no time) so hopefully we shall have frogs to help keep the slugs down. Another thing spotted was a blackbird sitting on a nest, but only a couple of feet off the ground in an evergreen bush. We have started to let Polly outside but only with us watching her - don't want to lose another cat - so we'll have to make sure she doesn't get anywhere near the blackbird.

 C has borrowed the rotovator thing that goes behind the tractor and after going off to do an hours work for someone he brought it back here ready to prepare the field for the maincrop potatoes, squash and pumpkins. He has also been digging out the old plastic on the other side of the middle poly tunnel. We need to get the new plastic on ASAP as the tomato plants in the conservatory are growing like crazy.

Welcome to some new followers on Bloglovin' and thanks for comments yesterday.


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