Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ants in my............. strawberry bed

At last the strawberry beds have been weeded, I've been wanting to get them done for the last two weeks. Every weed that came out of the new bed had an ants nest underneath, no wonder that we've lost several of the small plants. Ants may be small but they do a lot of damage.

I also got busy in the kitchen this morning  doing things with the last of this months carrots. Each month I buy a bag of value carrots from Tesco for 89p ( except when we have our own in the summer, but they don't do well here so we don't grow many). I take them out of their plastic bag, check them over and put them on a clean tea towel in the salad drawer with another tea towel on top. This will keep them dry which is the secret of keeping them without going mouldy. Sometimes at the end of the month  there are some left and today they became some vegetable soup and carrot cake.

Our son who has just moved from Buckinghamshire to Suffolk because his Partner has a new job in Bury St Edmunds is on an 8 month contract with an archaeology company based in north Essex. But by a strange coincidence he is supervising a archaeology survey on a plot of land which will be used for new housing down the road in Leiston. So we had one extra for dinner, luckily it was a vegetable curry so I was able to stretch it.

C's  irrigation work has come to a temporary halt as the pump in the borehole ground to a standstill  yet again. They are hoping to get a replacement although we may have rain tomorrow anyway. He was able to get a bit of work done at our neighbours instead.

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