Sunday, 20 April 2014

Changed plans for Easter Sunday

Today the plan was to pop to the car boot sale, come home, do a few jobs in the potting shed and then drive down to Essex to visit friends for an Easter lunch.

I cancelled the visit on Friday as we both had colds and thought it wasn't fair to spread them around. We abandoned the car boot idea for the same reason plus the weather was grey, with a very cold East wind and threatening rain.
I didn't bother to stand out in the shed potting up plants and sowing seeds because it was so cold  and the forecast is better for tomorrow.
Instead I did the Tax Forms. OH SUCH FUN!
We both do self-employed short forms as we earn less than £79,000! - A lot less! And we can keep them simple because all we have to put down is what comes in, what goes out and any other income from investment interest and paid work other than self-employment. It's not a difficult form to fill in as long as you've kept receipts, records of income and worked it out month by month through the year. Which I do.
So they are ready to post and neither of us will pay income tax this year as our profits were under the threshold.
Meanwhile C was working in the poly-tunnels out of the wind

Then we lit the living room fire and settled down for a quiet afternoon. I had fun spending my birthday gift voucher on Amazon. C watched the highlights of the Grand Prix.

There is another boot sale tomorrow so hopefully it will be less cold and when we get back I shall get busy potting up the squash plants, sorting out the small brassica plants and planting the nasturtiums, sweet peas and snap dragon plants into tubs and the garden. Should keep me busy.

Come back tomorrow and see if the day went as planned.


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